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Aircraft Management

Most individuals and companies that fly one or two aircraft, especially different types and models, do not want the headache and expense of hiring and managing a full time Flight Department, Air Crew, Flight Attendants and Maintenance Personnel. Let Jet Fleet Management handle the issues of (ACMI) Aircraft – Crew – Maintenance and Insurance requirements for you.

Maybe you have an aircraft that you would like to produce income with instead of cost or simply defray the operational cost. We can manage your aircraft for you and Charter your aircraft to potential customers willing to pay for the use of your aircraft. This is an excellent way of holding down your ownership costs. For those individuals and companies that already have a proven flight crew and support we offer our charter services for your aircraft.

Many people are turning away from fractional ownership because of the limitations on their flight schedules. By owning your own aircraft and having Jet Fleet Manage your aircraft you will have far better access, plus we can offset your ownership costs by chartering your aircraft when it is not in use. You will have full control of your aircraft unlike fractional ownership.

Please call us today @ 954-551-2292 or 877-551-2FLY (2359) to discuss the many options available to you from Jet Fleet Management, or fill out our Aircraft Request Form.  

Thank you.

aircraft management

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