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We have access to the largest inventory of aircraft and helicopters available worldwide. We charge a flat brokerage fee based on the selling price. This allows you as the customer to have negotiating power without 3rd party interference so you are able to control your purchase or selling price. We never double broker any transaction so you can rest assure whether you are buying or selling an aircraft that you will be treated fairly.

Aircraft leasing, Aircraft Buy Back & Lease and Aircraft Financing are available.

Additionally we have Hangar Space and Maintenance available at these Florida based airports: Fort Lauderdale Executive (FXE) Boca Raton, FL (BCT) Palm Beach International (PBI).

Contact us today to discuss an aircraft purchase or sale @ 954-551-2292 or 877-551-2FLY (2359) or you may fill out our Aircraft Request Form. You can also email us at or  for international customers use Thank you for your time and consideration we look forward to serving you.


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Aircraft / Helicopters for Sale or Lease