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Jet Fleet Management supports all of the aircraft it manages and sells with turbine engines as well as the (MRP) Major Rotating Parts and (LLP) Life Limited Parts within the engine. We provide both new and used engines and parts for the: (CFM) CFM International, (GE) General Electric, General Electric-Pratt & Whitney, Honeywell, (CFE) Honeywell-GE, (IAE) International Aero Engines, Lycoming, (PW) Pratt Whitney, (PWC) Pratt Whitney Canada, Rolls Royce, Rolls Royce-BMW, Rolls Royce USA, Turbomeca, Walter, Williams.

We manage our engine shop visits from Engine Heavy Maintenance Overhauls to (HSI) Hot Section Inspections thru the highest certified FAA Part 145 Repair Facilities so you know you’re getting a safe, reliable engine. Contact us today for all of your Turbine Engine Requirements. Thank you.


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Aircraft / Helicopter Engines for Sale or Lease