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Aircraft Charter Services      

877-551-2FLY (2359)

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Enjoy Our Jet Charter Services in Miami & Fort Lauderdale

Jet Fleet Management in Fort Lauderdale utilizes a worldwide network of select, top notch aircraft operators that are properly certified with experienced jet charter air crews flying late model equipment. Many of these operators have been working with us for years. Our number one priority is to ensure our customers of on time scheduling, travel flexibility, and the convenience and personal safety of using our jet charter service in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and anyone in need of jet rentals nationwide. We are available 24hrs a day seven days a week.

How much is your time worth?
How much is a group of people’s time worth? Consider this and the cost of flying First Class and/or Business Class. Add in the 2 hours before flight departure, the dreaded connecting flight or limited flight schedules, getting poked and prodded going through airport security and you are already stressed before you’ve even left the airport. In most cases, you are paying a similar amount to travel commercially when you could be flying in your own private jet charter - wheels up and airborne in 20 minutes arriving at your destination STRESS-FREE.

Please call our Flight Operations Department in Fort Lauderdale for immediate service 24/7 @ 954-551-2292 or 877-551-2FLY (2359). Or simply fill out our service request form provided below.

Jet Fleet Management provides jet charter services to clients in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and individuals in need of jet rentals across the nation.

Jet Rentals in Miami and Fort Lauderdale Available from Jet Fleet Management

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